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Hi, I'm Lucy Peacock - aesthetics business and marketing consultant. Having worked for a world leading company in Aesthetics for 9 years as a marketing manager, I've helped hundreds of aesthetics practitioners to grow their business and enjoy the process!

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360 Growth Plan™

For Aesthetics Professionals who want to grow their business methodically, without feeling like they’re winging it!

Possibly the most exciting programme I’ve done to date, with the 360 Growth Plan™ I teach you practical marketing methods to attract new clients and grow your aesthetics business, with action plans that you can really use and personal support from me as you progress.

1:1 & Coaching

Sometimes personalised is just what you need

If you're ready to take your business to the next level but you could do with some help in doing that, then 1:1 work with me could be just the answer.

I help Practitioners turn their love of aesthetics into a paying business

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Building a business isn't an overnight process, but it must be enjoyable! Whether you're wanting to reduce your NHS hours, go full time in aesthetics, open a large clinic or simply pay for your family holidays, I show clinicians how to take the pain out of marketing so you feel in control and enjoy the process as you grow.

I'm proud to take an overall approach to aesthetics and business growth, as I know it's not all about one thing. Digital marketing, patient acquisition, social media.. there are many influencers out there who believe their one approach is the fix-all, but in reality it's a combination of things that makes a business successful.


I am constantly asked 'what actually works?'.. 

Work with me and I can show you!

I look forward to giving you my full support and helping you grow x

FREE Discovery Call

Book a FREE business 'discovery call' with me

  • Not sure if you need my help or not?

  • Want to ask me about some business or marketing challenges?

Book a free call with me - I love to chat all things aesthetics business, and can help you with any guidance you need (whether it's with me or not!)

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Laura, Pro Skin Medical Aesthetics

I've learned so much from the Growth Plan. Lucy is incredible, she layouts out what you need to do and know and what you don't need to waste time on. She is always on hand to help and I've found our WhatsApp chats priceless!

'The Aesthetics Business Coach' is my Facebook group for members to benefit from exclusive content... 

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A community of like-minded aesthetics professionals.

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